What is Rapido? How to Create an ID in Rapido [2022] – How to book Rapido Bike, Best Bike booking service

What is Rapido? How to Create an ID in Rapido [2022] – How to book Rapido bike – If you have to go here and there or anywhere, then we can either go on foot or we need some vehicle, then today we will make the same requirement a We have started to understand the problem because in today’s time vehicles have become too much, but we also have trouble with them that due to those vehicles there is a traffic jam.

So we are not able to get taxi etc. So today we will talk that if you have to go to office everyday then you are not able to get taxi or if you do get late then there is a possibility of getting late then today we are here for you. We have come up with such an application through which you can book your vehicle online very easily and even with less cost and you can go to office everyday. Rapido What is ? How to Create an ID in Rapido [2022] – How to Book Rapido Bike

what is rapido

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What is Rapido? (Rapido kya hai)

Rapido is a bike book service company we can book bike online from this company to reach our destination as we book taxi from ola, uber, to reach to destination, same way through rapido we You can book a bike and reach your destination with very little money Rapido 2015 The company was established in 2015 from the city of Bangalore, India, its founders are Arvind Sanka, Pavan Guntupalli, and SR Rishikesh,

But most of the Rapido bikes are being used in the industrial area.

What does Rapido mean? ( Rapido meaning in Hindi )

Rapido means another bike book service like ola uber in which we book bike online through application and reach our destination rapido is currently working in most big cities because it is in small city There isn’t much demand for it right now

Uses of Rapido

This is an application in which we can log in and use it every day on the way to the office, whenever we are alone and we feel that we want to go to our location through bike.

If we can reach there, then we should remember Rapido, this application provides us the facility of a vehicle, this is done by a company, just as we can book taxi cabs online, in the same way we book bikes through Rapido can also

And we can go to our location very easily, if you also want to know how we download it and how to book bike in it, then you stay in this article till the end and know that through Rapido how to book bike

How To Download Rapido – Rapido download kaise kare

As you all know that if we want to use any application then we have to download that application first and we download it through play store only.

So we have to open the play store of our smartphone and there we have to write Rapido inside the search outside and after that when we search

So an application of Rapido appears in front of us, now we login with our phone number inside it.

After downloading it, then after that we can book bike in it.

What are the advantages of Rapido?

What is Rapido? How to create ID in Rapido – How to book Rapido bike – Through this app we get many benefits, so friends, let’s know what are the benefits of Rapido and how we can take advantage of Rapido

  • Rapido is currently available in big cities and is coming in small cities as well.
  • Booking a bike in Rapido is very easy, you can book a bike in just a few steps
  • If we are late in going somewhere, then we can find out by putting our location and our distillation inside it, how much money will we cost for the bike
  • Rapido is much cheaper than autos and taxis, you only have to pay a small amount
  • And how much money in auto, we bike takes ₹ 3 for 1 km, which we will find very cheap, inside it we can go from one place to another very easily
  • The biggest advantage of Rapido is that you do not have to get into the hassle of traffic, you sit on a motorcycle and you reach your destination very quickly.

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How to create ID in Rapido(Rapido ID kaise banaye)

  1. Open the play store of your smartphone
  2. And there we have to write Rapido inside the search outside
  3. And after that when we search, an application of Rapido comes in front of us, now we login with our phone number inside it.
  4. First of all you have to open the app and allow notification will come inside it, you have to give all the permission.
  5. After that it will ask you for your number which you have to put in it which is already ready in your phone
  6. Now an OTP of numbers will come on that number, which you put inside this app, there will be an option to verify the photo, click on it, then your vomit will be automatically applied and you will be verified in this application.

This was the thing that how we can verify inside it now let’s talk about how we have to book bike inside it

How to book Rapido bike (Rapido bike book kaise kare)

  1. Now if we have to go anywhere, we will open this application, if we open it, then a map comes in front of us like a map.

How to Book a Rapido Bike

  1. As soon as we open it, our location will tell us where we are standing or sitting.
  2. So now we have to search the location where we want to go from here and tick it.

How to Book a Rapido Bike

  1. And now now we have to next, then we will take our phone number and some of our basic information like your name, your email ID, your contact number, your date of birth, your gender, all this you have to enter and then we have to wait.
  2. Now an option will come in front of you in which it will be written how you want to make payment.
  3. If you want to do online then you will have the option that phone pe If you want to do or Google pay or if you want to give cash payment, then you can do as you want.
  4. After filling all this, you will have to write below the name of Rapido Request, you have to click on it, when you click, then the facility provided by Rapido comes in front of you.
  5. Whether you want to travel by bike or by auto, select any of these as per your wish.
  6. After submitting, all the details of that driver come in front of you which will take you further where you have to go.
  7. His name, his contact number, his photo, his address all come in front of you and where you have to go and from where he will drop you all this also comes.

What is Rapido Captain? (Rapido captain kya hai)

Friends Rapido captain is called the person or the bike driver whom you book through Rapido i.e. when you do bikes through Rapido then you have a driver or bike driver with you as your personal driver. will take you wherever you say

If you ask it to stay with you all day long it can stay with you all day and you have to pay

Rapido per km price – How much does Rapido charge in 1 km

Rapido charges around ₹3 in 1 kilometer, similarly if you walk 10kms, you have to pay ₹30 and if you walk 20kms, you’ll have to pay ₹60, this is your personal bike and a driver is also present for you. which you can take wherever you want

Is rapido available 24 hours a day?

No friends Rapido is not available 24 hours, it only give its service from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, now it does not provide 24-hour service

what did we learn today

Today you learned what is you Rapido? How to create ID in Rapido – How to book a Rapido bike, what is this application and how can we use it and where does it work for us, how can we book a bike inside it, today we told you all this Must have liked our article, definitely tell in the comment