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What is the speed of Blog or WordPress Page in blogging In Hindi[WhatisthespeedofblogorWordPressinblogging[ब्लॉगिंगमेंब्लॉगअथवावर्डप्रैसकीस्पीडक्याहैं

Google Search Console or Webmaster is a kind of tool that helps in understanding the performance of the website. Google Search Console gives information about the organic traffic of any website. Along with this, any information related to the site such as error, penalty and many other types of problems also gives information. As needed, Google keeps on making changes in its algorithm as well as its webmaster so that it can help its user. Every day Google is adding new features to its webmaster which are necessary for monitoring any website. Although there are many types of tools in the market, but the consumer also trusts more on Google.

 blog wordpress page speed

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Recently, Google has informed through its blog that it has added a new parameter of speed in its new search console in the enhancement section. This is a very important parameter.

What is meant by speed in website

Whenever a user puts his question on the search engine and opens his favorite site, the time taken for that site to open on his browser is called loading time. The site whose loading time is less, the site opens fast and the user can get his information even in a few moments.

In such a situation, if the speed of a site is not good, then the user is unable to stop himself on that site and comes out of the site by pressing the back button, due to which the bounce rate of the site starts getting worse. And the performance of that site deteriorates and gradually that site also deteriorates in the eyes of Google, due to which its position in the search engine goes behind. While the data of that site is the best, its SEO is also very good and that site has also followed all the rules, but despite all this, the user is unhappy with that site due to its speed, so the value of that site is also in the eyes of Google. are reduced.

Speed ​​A new parameter added in webmaster –

Till now the site had to use other tools to measure its speed, which was not so good to rely on. In such a situation, increasing the importance of site speed, Google itself put the speed parameter in the enhancement section of its webmaster.

Many site owners have also checked the speed parameter in their webmaster. This parameter has been added in the enhancement section on the left hand side.

Google has clarified that this new speed parameter will tell its users the activities related to the speed of the site. Along with this, they will also give solutions so that they can improve the speed of their site.

Features of Speed ​​Parameter

Site speed is divided into three parts by the webmaster. In which there are Fast, Moderate and Slow. These parameters will be checked on the user’s Google Chrome experience, for which a graph will be received in the webmaster, which will show which URLs or posts of the site have speed, i.e. do they come in fast? Are they in the Moderate category? Or are slow.

On being slow and moderate, website owners can improve the speed of their site by making reasonable efforts and after that by informing the Google webmaster, they can get their site from slow to moderate or moderate to fast category.

Speed ​​is a very important point. This enhancement of Google was very good and necessary.

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