how to increase followers in instagram How To Increase Instagram Followers In Hindi

how to increase followers on instagram (How to Get Real Followers) (How to Increase Instagram Followers) How to Get Real Followers in hindi

Social media is very much in trend these days. In this, most people are seen running social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. At this time people are competing to increase their followers in their social media accounts. But some people who use it are not aware of some of its new features and strategies, which helps them to increase their Instagram followers. That’s why in this article we tell you about new techniques to get more followers on Instagram –

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How To Increase Instagram Followers (Techniques To Increase Your Instagram Followers)

If you want to increase followers for your own posted photos or videos or you have a company for which you want to increase followers on Instagram, then here we are going to tell you about some ways for this, which is as follows. –

  • Know your audience :-

To increase your followers on Instagram, it is most important that you identify your audience, what age group they belong to, what is their target gender (mainly male or female), what is their lifestyle and what kind of products they buy. What are 8 to 10 brands that both you and your audience like. But now the question arises that how will you identify them. So let us tell you that to identify them, you go to and add your Instagram profile link there. If you have created a profile on more than one Instagram, then repeat the same process with all of you. Here you will see many options from which you can identify your audience.

  • Using the right hashtags:,

Hashtags are very much in vogue at the moment, but they are not so useful on other platforms as they are on Instagram. It is a major part of the Instagram platform. Let us tell you that there are some good hashtags here and there are some bad hashtags too.

  • Bad hashtags are those that people use only to get an immediate following. ‘Like 4 Likes’ is an example of a bad hashtag that people use when they want to give and get more likes. It attracts the wrong followers. From this it should be understood that it is not good and you have to stay away from it.
  • On the other hand, now let’s talk about good hashtags, then these hashtags identify the qualities of your business and your product. And at the same time it is also related to your audience. You can use WriteTag to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. Here we are giving you some tips for hashtags which are as follows –

Hashtag Tips :- You can create a bunch of hashtags for your business. For this see below –

  1. A hashtag for your brand: The products you sell in your business can be associated with its brand name with a hashtag.
  2. A hashtag for your post :- You can explain your post with hashtags. Like if you have a clothing brand. And suppose you have posted a T-shirt of your brand on Instagram which has a penguin on it then some hashtags can be for example #shirtsformen or #penguinshirt.
  3. A hashtag for your location :- If your business is for a particular city, you can add that too with a hashtag. It helps to filter your audience.
  4. Your own hashtag tagline :- You can create a hashtag tagline for your company. You should ensure that you use it in other channels and also in your email communication. When this hashtag gets prominence, more people will be able to see your brand. For example the Coca-Cola company comes with the tagline ‘Open Happiness’.

Note :- Finding good hashtags directly from Instagram can be a hassle. For this, you can use tools like Tailwind, Ritetag to find out the top performing hashtags. It will also help you to get more likes on Instagram.

Apart from this, there is a wave of hashtag trend going on at this time. Like #tbt (throwback Thursday), on this day you can share any of your old photos. Apart from this #mondaymotivation, in this you can post an inspirational quotes and message every Monday.

  • Post good content regularly :-

Your Instagram account is in the name of a company, or an account of your own or if you have created an account in the name of a celebrity fan or for any other purpose, then you will have to post good content regularly accordingly. As

  1. If you have a company, then post your company’s products and related content. You can post content like offering something for your product, so that people will be attracted to your product and also follow you. You should also keep changing the offer given for your product as soon as possible and at the same time give new and good offers so that your followers do not get bored with it. And they ask others to follow you too.
  2. Apart from this, if you have created an account related to a celebrity fan, then you can post content related to that celebrity. With this, the viewers who follow that celebrity can also follow you and your Instagram followers can increase.
  3. If you have created an account in your own name, then post such photos, videos or content, which people like more. You also add good and new captions to your content, this attracts people more.

Note :- You have to keep in mind that your content should be posted regularly so that people do not forget you and also the language in your post should be such that the audience can understand.

  • Do cross promote with companies with similar audience :-

Collaboration is key on Instagram. For every top brand, there are many smaller brands out there trying to grab the attention of the masses. Everyone is trying to move on, but it can happen by moving forward together. This means that when your audience is also an audience of another company or brand, you can ask to co-promote something on each other’s accounts. For this, you identify some small brands that have an audience that is also your audience. and reach them. Discuss with them a collaboration or a cross-posting that we will ask our followers to promote your business and they will promote your brand. And in return you should do the same. So the more people who will promote your brand than this, they will follow you. Exchanging audience sets in this way can increase your number of followers. This is a good way to increase followers.

  • Remove unwanted tag photo from your profile :-

If you only want the best user-generated content about you or your brand on your Instagram profile, you can remove the second tag. If you are tagged in some such post, photo or content, in which you do not want to see yourself. So you remove yourself from it by going to ‘Edit Tags’ in it, and you can also select the option to hide it from your profile. Along with this, do not get involved in any such shameful tag. For this, you must make some modifications in the settings in your Instagram profile.

Other Options

Apart from this, some other options are as follows by which you can increase your Instagram followers –

  • If you want to bring traffic to your new or most popular content, then you can use bio link for this.
  • Interact with the top influencers on Instagram, and try to be one of their favorite logos and brands.
  • Develop your Instagram profile and the content you post in a unique, recognizable and visual style. This can make people like you.
  • Use a call to action to let people know what they should do with your post. Along with this, you have to find some ways so that people share your content.
  • People like the contest very much. You can also ask people to join it by posting content like contests on your Instagram.

In this way, you can increase the number of your followers by making some changes in your Instagram and developing it. Along with this, if you also follow other people, then they too can follow you back and become your follower. So this can also increase your followers.

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