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Outsourcing R&D to L4T is a “zero-risk” solution, in fact:

• the costs are completely set forth in advance with no surprises or “cost traps”;
• “No costs for No results”; i.e. you will pay us only if we give you the product
   according to the specs and costs agreed and for the time requested.

You will get access to the most complete and updated network of knowledge, competences and instruments in the fields of photonics, optics and spectroscopy in just one step. No in house R&D lab will ever be so far reaching and equipped, no matter how much you invest.

You will also save time and money in the overall engineering process and be able to concentrate your resources just in marketing the product.

No negative impact on your finances. All the costs during the whole research and developing stages are borne by L4T and your outflows (royalties on the sales) will start only after you start to sell.

You will be guaranteed absolute confidentiality and non disclosure on the results of research;

You will get worldwide exclusivity in exploiting the results of research.

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