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reated in February 2005 as a joint venture between a team of academic researchers of the University of Florence-Italy, some of them from the “Management Department” and the “European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy” (www.dsa.unifi.it and www.lens.unifi.it), and industrial partners (www.frigel.com ; www.targetti.com), Light 4 Tech (L4T) is a high tech company specialized in developing projects, prototypes and products in the fields of photonics, optics and spectroscopy.
The L4T team has a long background of competences and knowledge in the above mentioned fields of studies and well proofed industrial and managerial skills.

In addition, L4T has a scientific committee constituted by international experts coming from the academic and industrial fields that analyses and proposes new scientific trends and solutions to be developed by L4T itself.

Finally, L4T capitalizes on strong connections with public and private academic and research laboratories worldwide, that can cooperate with L4T in studying and developing cutting edge technology and innovative solutions.
Thanks to the relations with industrial partners, L4T has the ability to carry forward the research to the stage of developing prototypes, applying for international patents, and engineering industrial products suitable for the market.

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