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LED induced photocoaugulation

Based on a PCT patent owned by Light4Tech, the photocoagulator is a compact and easy to use device able to induce haemostasis of skin blood vessels through a photo-thermo-coagulation process, without damaging the surrounding tissues. The main mechanism at the basis of photocagulator is photo-thermo haemostasis, which relies on the conversion of radiant energy to heat by (de)oxyhaemoglobin and subsequent heat diffusion that results in thermal denaturation of blood and vascular tissue. The selectivity of such process, namely the specific absorption of the radiation wavelength by haematic components, without interacting with other tissues is essential to ensure the minimum invasivity of the technique. An extensive testing of the device by Light4Tech, allowed a validation of the working principles and allowed to estimate the range of spectrum, time, and radiation power characteristics required for effective healing, with an exposure time of about 15-30 seconds. After three days from the occurrence of the wounds, the area subjected to light photocoagulation is almost completely restored, while the unexposed area still presents thick crusts, indicating that the total healing process is made considerably faster by means of this technology. There are consistent advantages in using this device: is is more compact, making it portable device easier, have low energy consumption and it is cheaper than laser sources.


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